Advantages and Disadvantages of Live streaming Shopping

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live streaming Shopping

You love shopping online but do you hate the inevitable world of ads when browsing through social media? On top of that has it ever happened that you see a product in an ad and when you click on it, you don’t see that ONE product you actually wanted to buy!? And then in hopes of getting that exact product, you probably scroll a bit, maybe go to page 2 or even 3 but no luck? It’s more common than you know and a lot of people get frustrated with that! Is there a way out of this ‘chakravyuh’ or are we doomed forever? Well, live shopping is here for the rescue!

What is Live Streaming Shopping?

In this form of online e-commerce shopping, not only do you get to see the product being featured but you can order it right thenand there! The best part of online shopping is that you can request more details about that particular product being showcased bysellers who know the products in-and-out and in addition, they can share all the information with you in real-time.

What are the Advantages of Live Shopping?

  • Customers can request to showcase a similar product variant (color/shade/category)
  • If you have a doubt about the product or the features it has, you can ask right away
  • You can interact with other customers/buyers to share your thoughts on the product (‘Oh, that neckpiece would look gorgeous for
  • the party you mentioned!’ or ‘Do you think a 2-year-old would love this toy than the previous one?’)
  • And the most important one, you don’t have to scroll through tons of pages to buy that one product you have/had your eyes set on

What are the Disadvantages of Live Online Shopping?

While there are numerous other advantages, there are a few disadvanatges of live streaming shopping:

  • You may have to wait to view a certain category of products or may have to wait a bit for your favorite sellers to host the live show but come on, all good things take time, right! ;) sometimes waiting is worth it
  • What else? Well, as of now, that’s about it!

So, right from the comfort of your bed, you can shop live and with that, you would also be genuinely supporting local vendors andactually helping them keep up their businesses.

It is also safe to say that online shopping connected all of us and we need this form of e-commerce to keep the wheels running. Weare all so connected and dependent on each other in our world, and while it may be sad that it took a pandemic for us to realizeit, it is great that we not only realized that but are willing to go the extra mile to support one another.

How it Helps You and Others!

And we can not only support people but enjoy the look-and-feel of live shopping with just a touch of a button! You get to see theproduct, get amazing live deals, interact with people, buy authentic products and so much more! It’s your literal one-stop-shopfor all your live online shopping experiences. Don’t you think? Visit Grabbit Live and see for yourself how you can get the bestof both worlds (live view+shopping) in the palm of your hand!