How to buy Anime Merchandise in India

How to buy Anime Merchandise in India

Gone are the days when Anime in India was considered as “few people watching random cartoons over the internet”. It has become a revolution. Since the early 2000s, the number of fans, communities, cosplay events and watch parties has been on the rise. According to a Times of India article, India is second after China based on the number of people who watch anime. An estimated 73% of Indians watched Anime in 2020. To top it up, covid boosted the number of anime fans not just out of boredom but mostly because of character relatability, amazing story writing and a whole lot of watch time per series.

A well known anime called One Piece has more than 1000 episodes and is still going on since 1998 - that’s more than the age of alot of anime fans and more than 400 hours of well crafted video content, every episode better than the last. Doraemon which now iswatched mostly by kids or as a joke by GenZs has 3000+ episodes and ongoing.

Not just long format, some Animes have a short story but are followed by millions of people across the world. One among those isDeathnote. With just 37 Episodes, it is still one of the most well known Animes of all time. Deathnote is also considered as oneof the best Animes to start off your journey to become an “Otaku”. Read the article to know more about the Anime world.

Let’s get started with the basics.

What is an Anime?

The origin of Anime is from Japan. Animations on paper, graphic or video content based on Japanese culture and content aregenerally known as Anime. These are usually targeted for Adults as well as children. This is the reason why the majority of Animeare in the Japanese language and some of the places are also named after Japan's famous cities or monuments.

The first Anime goes back to the 1960s and was called “Moving Pictures”. Since then, a lot of other countries have also joined thebandwagon and tried to create animated content. Japan still leads the content with 60% of Animes created there out of a total6000+ Animes created till date. That’s a whole lotta content to consume.

But is Anime limited to out of the world stories, exciting characters, evil villains and fighting sequels? No. “Hentai” whichliterally means ‘abnormal’, ‘perverted’ is the pornographic form of Anime. Fun Fact - hentai generally gets more searches ongoogle than the prime minister of india.

And finally, the ultimate source of consuming anime content - Manga. It’s generally said that if you don’t read manga, you are nota real anime fan. Manga are comics or graphic novels that originated in japan. Most of the famous Animes have their own mangawhich avid fans and followers read before even the television version of the anime is out. Below is the picture of Midland Bookstore - A book store with a large assortment of manga in new delhi. We will cover the best websites and shops in India to buymanga in this article.

Are cartoons and anime the same?

A simple answer would be “No”. Below are some of the difference between the 2 kinds of animated content -

Characteristic Cartoon Anime
Target Audience Children Wire range of Audience
Origin Wester World Japan
Long Storyline No Yes
Graphics Fun and full of colors. Focus on movement. Focus is more on details and is more lifelike
Examples Tom&Jerry, Popeye, Oswald etc. Haikyuu, Attack on titan, jujutsu kaisen etc.

Below is an image depicting the difference between a cartoon vs an Anime.

Cartoon: Powerpuff Girls

Anime: DeathNote

Who watches Anime?

Before we go to who watches Anime, let’s guess how many people watch Anime over the world? 1 Million? 10 Million? Cumulatively, the number of fans is a skyrocketing 33% of the entire world’s population(2 Billion+ people) - This includes every person who has watched some kind of animated content over the internet or television. As per an article by “TheAnimeFacts”, over 100 Millions fans exist as of 2021 and the numbers are increasing exponentially. To put this in perspective, it's more than the populations of countries like Germany, France, Italy, England and more.

Number of fans across the world is only 1 part of the story, what’s more fascinating is the average watch time. We talked to more than 200 Anime and superhero fans as a part of this article and realized that the average watch time is a staggering 4-6 hours per day when a series is in flow. I myself watched some of the Animes like Naruto, Haikyu, Fairytale without being able to sleep since the storyline was so addictive i just couldn’t leave it in the middle. I hope some of you out there will relate with me.

Now coming to who watches Anime? Most people in the age group of 10-30 years, although we have met people who are 50+ years and have been fans since the 1980s and used to read comics before internet speed allowed them to watch the video based content. Have you ever watched “Legend of the galactic heroes”(LOGH)? Well it’s an amazing watch from the 80s. It’s basically, a pinch of Star Wars meshed with some Game of Thrones, with classical music added to taste and voila - you get the 5th highest rated anime on MAL.

How many people in India watch Anime?

There isn’t a single number we can attach to it but based on our research on multiple social media platforms and community groups,there are at least 10 Million anime fans in India as of 2022. Out of this, we believe around 500k fans read manga and comic booksand 100k fans are into cosplay.

Do you read manga? If yes, then you would also know that finding the manga to read and the newly launched collections are hard tofind in india. This is due to the fact that, we don’t manufacture it in India, all authentic comic books and manga are printed injapan or the west and imported in india. Due to covid 19, the supply chains have been impacted and it has become difficult to findauthentic sellers.

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In terms of states, Anime is more popular in the eastern part of India than the west. Northern and southern regions are alsowarming up and the count is increasing everyday.