5 Best Practices To Host A Live Shopping Show

5 Best Practices To Host A Live Shopping Show

The rise of technology has helped the global retail industry to boom like anything. Through digital marketing the retail sector has been transformed to a whole new level. E-commerce brands have made their own websites so tantalizing, that anyone who browses through the internet and visits the websites, simply ends up spending their hard earned money even without a target. Not only has window shopping been more accessible, but it has been constantly transformed to be a more convenient way of shopping day by day in runner that has been thriving among the shopping enthusiasts.

What Is A Live Shopping Show?

Live shopping show is a concept that brings the traditional practice of home shopping into the modern era. It lets consumers and sellers connect and transact in real-time. Through live shopping shows, consumers can simply place an order of their choice of products through easy one click purchase options. Through live shopping shows placing of an order can be really fast and also gives the buyer an opportunity to see the product through a video.

India being one of the largest retail industries in the world, holds a large number of potential buyers when it comes to e-commerce business. Of course, the covid scenarios have helped e-commerce business to grow smart as well as added a habit of online shopping to many of the people in India. In other terms, live shopping shows are on the verge of becoming the evolution of online shopping in India.

Best Practices To Host A Live Shopping Show

As the retail sector is incredibly competitive with new trends being added every single day, live shopping retailers have to adapt the best practices so that they can be on top of the game at all times. Let’s find out some of the top-notch strategies one should abide by while hosting a live shopping show.

  • 1. Start On Time

    It is important to be honest and maintain the business ethics for a healthy relationship between the buyer and the seller. Always start your show on time and be thorough. Being punctual is one of the most vital points one should adhere to while planning for a live shopping show. It helps understand your audience about your sincerity. Being on time makes the customers come back to you and it also generates a good reputation in the industry.

  • 2. Set The Context

    It is highly recommended to market your show beforehand to let the audience what they can expect from you. Ensure to let people know what your show is about, if there will be any giveaways or discounts etc. You can take the help of social media to announce your show for more reach. The main point is to provide all the necessary details to the audience of the live shopping event so that they can make a decision without any regret.

  • 3. Engage The Community

    If you're planning on organizing a live shopping event, make sure that it's well-marketed and attracts large audiences. As rightly said, content is the king, make sure you have a good content strategy planned before you host a live shopping show. The online shopping video should be attractive enough to keep the audience stay with you till the end of the video. One of the best live shopping shows that you can find right now is Grabbit Live, that makes it very easy for sellers and buyers to interact and engage through their smart app.

  • 4. Don’t Just Sell

    The face of a live shopping event is very important to a buying audience. First, target to attract a larger audience by connecting with them on a more personal level. Tell them great stories and try to relate your stories with day-to-day lives. While it is not necessary to establish exaggerating stories, it can be done in a very bourgeois way in order to connect with the audience. Make sure you greet new joinees, repeat for late joiners, ask questions, take feedback and answer all the questions through your show to make it successful.

  • 5. Provide Instant Purchase Option

    One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to reserve CTAs or Call To Actions for the end of the event. You never know if anyone will immediately like the product and will wish to make the purchase then and there yet they have to hang around till the end of the live commerce show. In these scenarios, they are more likely to withdraw themselves from the live show and make a move at someone else's platform. Now we don’t want that, do we?

Bonus Suggestions

  • All Well If Ends Well

    As vital as the opening of a live shopping show, the end has to be even more compelling to make your audience want more which will lead to recurring customers. Make sure you close the show on a good note. End the show by announcing the next show time and date and you can also host at the same time of the week for recurring customers.

  • Get More Reach Through Social Media

    The face of a live shopping event is very important to a buying audience. As a result, many consumers bought into the event early on due to the hype of social media platforms. Social media is equipped with wide range of audience and perfectly targets the shopping-savvy demographics. Ensure a good social media marketing strategy for more reach and audience.

Start Shooting!

As the future of online shopping, you will see many rising e-commerce platforms are opting for online video commerce eitherthrough their websites or through their live commerce app. You can consider starting your live online shopping show with GrabbitLive, one of the best live shopping apps in India. Now that you are aligned yourself with some of the best practices to start alive shopping show, get your gears ready and get down to business.