How to buy Original Merchandise in India

How to buy Original Merchandise in India

Buying authentic and licensed merchandise in India has always been a challenge. Be it Abibas or cheap IPL Jerseys, there are plenty of copy products sold in the market without any moderation. Online websites aren’t shying away from selling copy products too and don’t even get started on buying authentic products on social media. A staggering 40% of buyers have been scammed on Instagram once in their life, making it very difficult for anybody to trust and pay upfront for a non-returnable product.

What kind of merchandise are we talking about?

Merchandises can belong to various categories like Anime, Superheroes, K-pop, Cricket, Football, Automobile, Stationery, Music and many more. The estimated number of google searches for merchandise in India is as high as 50 Million on a monthly basis and increasing by an astounding 107% every year.

This basically says one important thing, There are millions of fans and followers communities in India and it's only going to skyrocket from here.

The ComicconIndia page on Instagram has 136k followers, an Indian music community page on Instagram has close to 200k followers and there are thousands of more interest based accounts where communities come together and talk about a common topic of interest.

If there are so many fans out there, there must be avenues to buy authentic merchandise for these products too? Well No! Starting from Banpresto Figurines to Licensed football jerseys, India is not the best geography to discover and buy these products. Which is why we are building Grabbit Live.

So, what is Grabbit Live?

We are a group of fans and techies who found it difficult to trust online sellers and wanted to buy unique merchandise for our collections. But as you would guess, there is no easy way to do that.

That’s why we are building Grabbit Live, where sellers of different categories like anime, football, kpop, handmade jewelry, skin care and whatnot can go LIVE and sell to interested buyers. Remember the days when we used to go to the market, interact with the seller, feel the product and then make a purchase.

We realized this inherent discovery, interaction and trust is missing in the current online marketplaces in India and built the app for the communities.

At Grabbit Live, you can experience LIVE Shopping for the first time where the most passionate and authentic sellers from all across India go Live and sell. Browse unique shops, watch the product in action, ask questions to the seller, interact with a like minded community and buy whatever you like instantly. We take care of the product quality and onboard only the best sellers so you can have the best street shopping experience from your couch. Exciting, right?

Download the app and experience a whole new way to shop (50 GrabCoins waiting for you when you signup 😊)