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    What is live streaming commerce?

    Live stream commerce is all total a live eventful activity that the sellers bring upon all with a personal touch. Sellers showcase a collection of their best products that buyers can discover, ask questions about, see the product in action and buy instantly without worrying about quality, size, color, and usability issues. This is as close as we can get to actual offline shopping we all love.

    What is live shopping on Facebook?

    Facebook offers live streaming as well. Its primary purpose is to interact with people who are your followers or friends. These days, it's also used for showcasing products in a live stream show.

    What is influencer-led commerce?

    Social media Influencers using live streaming to interact with their followers and sell products on behalf of brands is recognised as influencer led commerce. Major categories of products in this category include fashion and beauty products.

    Do I have to be an influencer to sell on Grabbit Live?

    No. Grabbit Live is build for people who own the brand or curate products themselves. We believe, nobody knows the products better than the seller themselves and therefore in our story, seller is the Hero.